Are you brave enough to be you?

Do you ever hear something that someone says and think Yes they’ve nailed it, those words, that phrase really gets to the heart of it.  That was me this weekend as I heard this question as I was listening to a brilliant podcast with Dr Rangan Chatterlee and Gareth Southgate this weekend. 

Gareth Southgate was talking about  how in order to be brave you needed to invest the time in understanding you. As soon as I heard it a follow-on question came straight into my head that seemed so relevant to many of the conversations we’ve been having with leaders over the last few weeks;

“Are you a brave enough leader to let your team be themselves.”

Over the last few months we have been working with many leaders helping them to explore how to develop their leadership in order that they can enable themselves and their teams to thrive and grow in the hybrid world that is becoming our latest norm.

Through the last 12 months many of us will have been working from home or as Dr Chatterlee re-named it “living at work”. In many cases that has allowed us more freedom to be ourselves, to work away from office politics, to be less visible and to be able to concentrate on working on whatever way brings out the best in us.  For others that enforced solitude has had the complete opposite effect as we’ve not been able to bounce ideas off each other in the same way, we’ve not been able to learn by osmosis or simply re-energise through having people around us. For nearly everyone it has created a struggle to disconnect

There are 3 questions I believe we need to be working out the answers to if we want to thrive and grow over the coming months, to find joy in our work and to deliver the performance that will sustain us whatever the future may throw at us;

1. Are you brave enough to choose to spend the time to really get to know who you are and how to get the best out of yourself?

2. Are you are brave enough leader to let each of your team members be themselves

3. Are you a brave enough team to choose to put the time in together to really work out how we need to be together to see the very best out of each other in service of both the individual, the team and the organisation being able to thrive and grow?

So this week will you be brave enough to slow down in order to speed up.. to invest the time to develop your leadership…. or as an organisation to “allow” your leaders the time to do it.  And if you want some help to have those conversations with more confidence and capability give us a call, we’d love to have a conversation to see how we can help.

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