How do you accelerate performance?

What do you do to accelerate your personal / team / business performance? 

Every few months we select a location, hire an air bnb and spend a couple of days away from the “day job”. 

We use this time to re-connect, reflect, dream and set clear intentions that fuel us for the weeks ahead. 

We struck gold for our latest adventure, and took advantage of the glorious scenery and winter sunshine to walk, talk and coach one another outdoors, letting nature be our guide and fill us with inspiration for the year ahead. 

This can be seen an indulgence, a “nice to have”, a distraction from what matters. 

We’ve learnt that this together time is a necessity. It is both replenishing and energising. It boosts us, our performance and our productivity.  Without it we can drift, wane, disconnect, lose our way. 

In our busy pressured world, it’s easy to move stuff like this down the priority list, but when you do it and you approach it with wholeheartedness, the results can quite astound you. 

If we’ve got you thinking and you’d like to find out more, please get in touch. We’d be happy to share our learnings. 

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