Same storm, different boats. #bekind

Well, here we are again in another national lockdown…

Following last night’s announcement, I was reminded that whilst we may all be in the same storm, we are definitely not all in the same boat. 

For some, not much will have changed. For others, everything has changed. Some continue to put their lives at risk in front line jobs, whilst others wish they had a job to fight for. Some will be coping, others will not. Some will contain their thoughts, others will share them publically. All this can make us feel sad, angry, stressed, anxious, not good enough, over-whelmed… I could go on. In short, it can make us harsh critics of others and ourselves. 

Knowing how tough I found juggling running our business with home-schooling during lockdown 1 last March, I subscribed to a guided meditation to begin the day today. I am so glad I did. Its gentle message was centred around acceptance; simply accepting and loving ourselves for everything that we are. It gave me a sense of calm and provided me with the perspective I needed to approach a day of juggling work and homeschooling, and more uncertainty ahead. 

Whatever you are facing today, I urge you to be kind. Be kind to yourself and to those around you. Know that what you are doing is enough. Know also that it will look different to others, and that is okay too. 

We have tough times ahead of us but if we can weather this storm and take care of ourselves and each other, we have brighter skies ahead. 

Wishing you love and self-compassion. 

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