The importance of small connections

It’s over 488 days (or over 11,000 hours) since the UK first went into national lockdown, and for many of us, the way we worked changed overnight. 

Some have loved it, some hated it, some thrived, some shrivelled.  I have definitely experienced all four and more! 

Just as we all have different choices of “tea” break beverage, we will each of had a slightly different experience of the pandemic; and yet there are things we will also share things in common. Do you know what they are for your team? 

As the world begins to open up, we have a real opportunity to step back and reset;   to re-connect with our team, to re-energise around what we have to do and why it matters and to re-imagine how we will collaborate together to thrive and grow in a hybrid work world. 

So, what questions can you ask to re-connect with your team today? 

Perhaps asking them how and when they take their tea, their coffee or their water is a start. Get curious. Ask them what they have learnt about themselves over the last 488 days? What has made them glad, sad and mad? Ask them what they want to hold on to, and what they want to like to leave behind. Talk about what you can do to support each other more moving forward.

Need proof this matters? A recent study by McKinsey on hybrid working* has found that, “the most productive teams find ways to connect through small moments increasing not only individual and team productivity, but also improvements in diversity & inclusion, engagement and customer satisfaction”

You can find out what we are doing to support teams to thrive and grow in a hybrid work world, by clicking here.

FYI Caroline M’s tea break fav is a cappuccino – with chocolate sprinkles, and Caroline H loves a brew, black with just a dip of the t-bag!  

*Mckinsey : What executives-are-saying-about-the-future-of-hybrid-work May 2021

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