Picture of a lady leaping with joy

Why do we loose the bubbling enthusiasm of being 4?

I was smiling all the way home from my dog walk this morning. I made a delightful new friend on the park today. He was skipping along, little bag of duck food over his arm, with his mum and younger brother. As our paths crossed he stopped and looked up at me, and said ” Can you whistle?” I had to admit to being rubbish at whistling.

He continued to tell me that he could whistle… “I practised when I was one, I practised when I was two, I practised when I was 3, and now I’m 4 I can whistle – my mum taught me”

So much to learn from a 4 year old on a sunny morning in the park sharing his joy and pride at achieving something, something that it had taken him quite a while to get good at, recognising who had helped him along the way and happy to share his joy with someone else.

That’s a moment that’s going into the Sparkle jar.

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